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How is HomeRover different from live video apps like FaceTime or Skype?

Unlike generic video apps, HomeRover is a complete solution for remote, live virtual home showings. You can search for homes, tag the ones you like, and schedule virtual showings for a day and time that works for everyone. Prior to the showing, hosts and participants can collaborate on a checklist of items to cover, and exchange chat messages to ensure everyone is organized and prepared. During the virtual showing experience, the host and remote participants can interact live and in real-time. The host can complete checklist items as they move through the home, and both the host and participants can take still image snapshots for later reference. Following the live showing, a video replay will be available and can be shared with others. This one app does it all!

How do I get HomeRover on my smartphone?

HomeRover is available for Apple and Android smartphones. Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play on your device to download for free. The minimum requirements for Apple users is an iPhone 6 or newer device, running iOS 11 or newer. For Android users, the minimum requirements are Samsung, Google or other major manufacturer smartphones released in 2015 or later, running Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer.

How much does the app cost?

HomeRover is FREE to download and use. Agents and homebuyers can schedule, plan, perform and replay live virtual home showings at no cost.

How long can a virtual showing be?

HomeRover showings can be up to 45 minutes in length – plenty of time to explore everything the home buyer is interested in seeing.

How many showings can I host per month?

There are currently no limits to the number of showings you can host per month.

Does the showing video take up space on my smartphone?

Absolutely not! HomeRover captures the live virtual showing in the cloud and does not eat up space on your device.

How do I search and tag properties I would like show or see?

HomeRover includes search functionality that allows you to find properties you wish to tour remotely. All you need is the address to locate the property in the app. From there, you can verify the property interest, and request or host a showing. For MLS listings, you’ll get the same rich details and photos found in real estate portals such as Zillow® or Realtor®. If you’re using HomeRover in a non-MLS supported market, don’t fret. You can still search and verify the property using Google information and plan your virtual showing accordingly.

How do I make a request for someone to host a showing of a property?

 It’s super easy. When you find a property you would like to see, simply tap “Book Virtual Showing”, then select “Request a Virtual Showing” from the pop-up menu. You will be presented with the option to select a host. If available, we’ll offer the property’s listing agent of record as the default choice. However, if you would like to have your existing agent or a friend conduct the showing, select the “Your Friend or Agent” option and enter their mobile number. Pick a day and time frame that works best for you and you’re all done!

Are completed showings saved? Can I rewatch or share them?

Absolutely! HomeRover is unique in that you can rewatch and share showings with others. Once a virtual showing is complete, we’ll store a replay version in the app along with all of the image “snapshots”, checklist items and chat history. You can reference and share it with others as you see fit. For completed checklist items, you can tap them and jump directly to those points in the showing.

How do I get access to show the property?

While HomeRover is great for planning and conducting remote virtual home showings, our app does not provide access to the property. It is the host user’s responsibility to gain appropriate permission to access the property and conduct the HomeRover showing.

How can I ensure the best quality virtual showing experience?

Good question! A number of factors determine the quality of the HomeRover showing. If you are the host, ensure your device is fully charged (consider bringing a backup battery as well) and make sure the home is well lit before starting (open window shades, turn on lights, etc). We highly recommend that you use a smartphone grip or holder. This will result in a less “shaky” viewing experience and free up a hand to utilize the video controls during the live showing. Finally, and most importantly, make sure you are on an LTE (or better) cellular network, or a solid Wi-Fi connection to ensure you are streaming the highest quality video. 

If you are a tour participant, make sure you are in a quiet area for listening and communicating with the host. Like your host, ensure that your device has sufficient battery power and a solid internet connection. When you are not talking, place your mic on mute to avoid disrupting the host. For more details, check out the HomeRover Help Center.

When performing a showing, do my viewers need the HomeRover app?

Yes, all participants are required to have the HomeRover app. It’s free, a quick download, and super easy to get started. When you invite users to watch a showing and they are not a current HomeRover user, we’ll send them an SMS text message with a link to go get the app. We make it quick and easy!

Can I expect to capture new leads through HomeRover?

We sure hope so! Since the app auto-populates the listing agent of record for MLS properties, we believe many house hunters will request that those agents perform a HomeRover virtual showing for them (connecting the two, often for the first time). We also envision agents offering HomeRover showings as a premium concierge service to attract and appeal to first-time, relocation and sight-unseen homebuyers.

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