How HomeRover is Revolutionizing the Homebuying Process

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Whether you’re a house hunter or a real estate agent, the home buying process is an exciting time filled with new opportunities. Most of the time, looking for a home is a smooth and positive experience overall, but sometimes, it can be a little bit more complicated.

Let’s say, for instance, you go tour a home that looks amazing online, but it turns out to be lackluster in real life. Or, let’s say that you’re relocating to an area located across the country, and you have to only rely on the resources you find online and your real estate agent. Or, if you’re a real estate agent, let’s say that you aren’t getting as many leads as you’d like from a listed property, which is directly affecting your income. All of these scenarios are very real and very common. And, for the most part, there really isn’t anything out there that will deliver a solution – until now.

Because these issues are so pervasive in the real estate industry, the BrightDoor team created the HomeRover app to help mitigate them. This app allows you to host or see homes remotely so you can be much more streamlined and intentional throughout the home buying process.

So, you might be wondering, “What is HomeRover exactly, and how is it going to make my life easier when I’m buying or selling a home? Is this too good to be true?” 

Those are great questions! We’ll go ahead and answer the last one for you. It’s NOT too good to be true, and we’ll prove it to you. We genuinely believe in this app, and we want to make sure that everyone who needs it gets it. And, hopefully, by the end of this blog, you’ll be a believer too. Let’s get started.

The Idea Behind HomeRover

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Like we said above, the home buying process can be complicated (at best) and disheartening (at worse). We knew there had to be a better way for everyone to go through the homebuying process. It’s important to us that you, as either the buyer or agent, have the best experience possible while discovering homes of interest, so we’ve done everything in our power to make that possible.

Our team has been in the business of real estate for many years, and when we sat down to come up with an app concept, we knew several things right away: 

  • Hard Money Property estimates that roughly 35% of all homes are purchased sight unseen.
  • Agents are already using off the shelf solutions (like Facetime, Skype, etc.) to connect with remote home buyers.
  • Remote house hunters needed a better way to validate their interest in the house by being able to ask questions and experience it in real-time
  • We didn’t want to exclude real estate agents or house hunters from taking advantage of whatever solution we came up with.

We took all of these factors into consideration and came up with an easy-to-use mobile app that incorporates all of the best parts of real-time, onsite home showings for both house hunters and real estate agents.

What Makes HomeRover Revolutionary 

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HomeRover, to us, is revolutionary because it takes things that already exist, combines them, and makes them better for both real estate agents and homebuyers. We acknowledge that there are services like FaceTime and pre-packaged virtual tours available now, but we wanted to go a step farther than what they can provide. 

With HomeRover, the homebuyer gets to experience the ease of seeing homes virtually from the comfort of their own homes, while real estate agents can build stronger relationships with even more leads that they can get through the service. Additionally, real estate agents can experience these benefits:

  • Connect with new opportunities
  • Help with remote shoppers
  • Perform better, more advanced virtual home showings
  • Create trust-driven relationships

Similarly, house hunters can expect to see these benefits with HomeRover:

  • Pre-screen homes of interest so they can focus on ones that are the best match
  • Go beyond the listing to understand the ins and outs of a house
  • Save time and money
  • Stay organized with listings they love
  • Reference past recordings
  • Receive second opinions from loved ones

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of HomeRover. 

Give HomeRover a Try Today

We strive to be the CarFax® of real estate so you can verify your or your clients’ interest before you go and physically see a home. Our goal is for HomeRover to make buying and selling homes easier than before. And we hope that you’ll join us as we embark on this journey.

Are you interested in trying HomeRover? We’ve got great news – it’s now available to download for free on your smartphone. Simply navigate to either the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ and prepare to experience the newest and easiest way to find the home of your or your client’s dreams. 

Try HomeRover today!

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