'Shoot and share' when they can't be there

We recently reached out to our client base to learn what they love most about HomeRover. Honestly, we expected to hear that our virtual showing app made it simple for them to show listings to buyers that couldn’t be there in person. While that was definitely part of the feedback we received, what surprised us was a benefit that almost every agent we talked to said was a game changer for them: video sharing.

Photo by Fausto Sandoval on Unsplash

If you’ve tested out our app, you know that you can collaborate on a real time virtual showing with your buyer clients: you visit the listing and show them the home via the HomeRover app’s collaborative video features. This is great if you are working with out of town buyers or if your clients’ schedule doesn’t allow them to join you to see it in person.

But some of our savvy agent clients realized that they can tour multiple homes and share the videos with their clients via the app. This ‘shoot and share’ use allows the prospective buyers to watch the showing videos at their convenience. 

Andrea Gimblet – Real Estate Muses

“HomeRover is the easiest and quickest way to deliver home showing videos to my buyer clients,” said Andrea Gimblet of the Real Estate Muses in San Antonio, Texas. “While I love that we can pre-schedule, tour together, and have a conversation, it’s also incredibly helpful to be able to record in advance and send it through for them to review at their convenience.”

Agents also reported that the virtual showings they provided gave buyer clients confidence, resulting in many offers written on homes seen via the HomeRover app. 

Danielle Baker – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

“Our market has been moving at an incredible pace,” said Danielle Baker, of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Atlanta. “My out of town buyer client was able to ‘see’ homes and write offers from watching  video showings in the HomeRover app.”

Recording a virtual home showing to share with your clients is simple:

  • Choose the Start an instant showing now! option on the home screen
  • Input and confirm the address of the home, and hit the Continue button 
  • Tap the Start Showing button and tour the home just as if you were showing it to your buyers! 

After you’ve completed your showing, you will get a notification as soon as the replay is ready. You’ll find it in the Completed showings section of the app. Open the showing and use the Share button to send the video to your clients, and they will be notified that it’s ready for them to view.

You can easily tour and record your showings for numerous listings, and your clients can then enjoy viewing them from the comfort of their own home, on their own schedule. They can even share the showing videos with friends and family, too.

Haven’t downloaded our free HomeRover app yet? You can find it here!

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