Host video home tours for free with HomeRover

HomeRover video home tours are free

Like everyone else in the real estate community, we’ve been thinking about how we can help agents and buyers navigate the challenges of touring homes during a global pandemic. The answer, it turns out, was sitting right in our hands: Make HomeRover a FREE service. Get even more agents shooting, showing and selling. Starting August 5th, HomeRover will be completely free for both agents and buyers. Ensure you have the latest version of the app and start performing live video home tours today!

A note for existing users & subscribers

To convert to the free version, simply update your app to the latest release (1.3). Then, you can host tours and will not receive the in-app subscription prompt. If you’re a current HomeRover subscriber on iOS (Apple), no action is necessary. Your current subscription plan will be removed and you will not be billed going forward. For current Android (Google Play) subscribers, you will need to visit the Play Store app on your device, select Subscriptions from the menu options and tap the Cancel Subscription option under the HomeRover subscription plan.

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