Are your virtual showings “gone with the wind”?

One of your homebuyer prospects asks you to host a virtual showing. So, you run over to the home, pop open FaceTime and perform the showing. A week later, a question arises from something you covered during the showing. But, you can’t remember it and there is nothing to refer to for you, and more importantly, your buyer. The interaction, the conversation (and the content) is poof! Gone.

Couple enjoying media content in a smart phone

When real estate agents use generic video apps, it’s certainly the path of least resistance. But, savvy agents are missing out on a great opportunity to not only improve how they perform virtual showings, but also capture valuable content (showing video, photos) and buyer feedback that can be shared and referenced later.

How to avoid opportunity missed

Apps designed to mirror the experience of an in-person home showing offer a wealth of data capture that has value for both the buyer and the agent. This includes: 

  • Buyer contact information (potential lead gen if a new buyer requests a showing)
  • Pre-show “checklist” requests that organize what specific items the buyer wants to see during the showing
  • The recorded live showing video, which can be replayed and shared
  • Still image photos taken by the agent and buyer (apps like HomeRover let the agent and buyer take photos on-the-fly during the live showing experience)
  • The post-showing home rating and comments provided by the buyer
  • Compare multiple homes from one centralized app/view

The times, they are a-changin

In a post-COVID climate, buyers have acclimated to virtual showings as a valid way to preview and qualify homes of interest. The question for real estate agents is, which option delivers more value during the homebuying process – generic video apps (a.k.a. the path of least resistance) or a dedicated app built for virtual home showings? HomeRover was built to mimic an in-person home showing and has the features you need to make your virtual showings the next best thing to seeing the home in person.

Download our app here and try it for your next virtual home showing!

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